Traveling back in time

Łódź, located in the heart of Europe, became the town of a great potential. So far it has been known more for its creativity rather than business, but now it has become a city of many investments. One of them is the Nowe Centrum Łodzi. It includes the reconstruction of the Fabryczna Station, revitalization of the neighboring EC1 powerhouse, and the creation of a functional town area all around. Nowa Fabryczna is the first commercial building growing in the Nowe Centrum Łodzi. The investment is located in the heart of the area, which creates a new quality of the town that is a combination of business and culture.

Amelia Krausyyk - Marzec
Regional Asset Coordinator
tel. +48 797 019 741
19 450 sqm
office space
1 950 sqm
retail space
parking spaces
Building plans

Nowa Fabryczna is a user friendly building thanks to environment– friendly solutions conforming to the LEED certification standard.


Nowe Centrum Łodzi is the symbol of the city, which starts a new life. It i san example of a strong center, which takes what’s best from a rich history of the town and at the same time is very modern. It is a friendly space to run business, to work and to spend free time. It is an inspiring place, where work is a pleasure. It is friendly and open to people. Everybody will find something good for themselves.

Najbliższe udogodnienia
  • University of Łódź
    1 min.
  • Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station
    1 min.
  • The Concert Hall
    5 min.
  • The district court in Łódź
    5 min.
  • Teatr Wielki
    5 min.
  • Business incubator
    5 min.
  • TVP
    10 min.
  • EC1
    10 min.
Walking around

Nowa Fabryczna is within a walking distance from the most important points of the city. It takes just a minute to walk to the railway or bus station, and 5 minutes to get to any point of Nowe Centrum Lodzi. Among the closest located places we will find the National Centre of Film Culture, the Interactive Centre of Science and Technology, the Łódź Centre of Computer Games or Planetarium. Walking towards the Matufaktura shopping centre, we will find the Łódź Concert Hall and Piotrkowska street.

Creating unique surrounding

Placemaking is the philosophy of designing a public space, which is based on the inspiration from the local community, so it responses to its needs. It creates places, where people feel good and where they want to spend their time.

Green terraces
The two highest floors of the building have balconies and green terraces. Being there gives you nice moments of relaxation in fresh air.
Woonerf in free translation means “street for living”. It is a slow movement road and a place of meetings for local people. This is what Pasaż Knychalskiego, neighboring Nowa Fabryczna, is.
It is possible to use electric sockets or Wi-Fi here, or have business meetings in fresh air or in restaurants on the ground floor.
Thanks to the open patio equipped with electric sockets and Wi-Fi in the building you can have a business meeting in fresh air, or go for lunch to a restaurant with garden area.

“What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people.”William H. Whyte
urbanist, Placemaking idea initiator

Sustainable development

Nowa Fabryczna is a user friendly building thanks to environment-friendly solutions conforming to the LEED certification standard.

Energy saving min. 25%
The building is equipped with movement sensors, which regulate lights. It has energy saving AC technology and heat recovery systems. Thanks to that, the office uses much less energy.
30% more fresh air
Proper ventilation of the building and the freecooling system increase the volume of air per person, up to 30%, compared to typical office buildings. It is good for employees and lets them work more effectively.
Water saving min. 30%
Water saving bathroom equipment allows for an intelligent water saving.
Almost unlimited access to the daily light
Natural light is the best for the eyes. Thanks to atrium in the building, employees have a perfect access to the daily light and to the view outside, from almost every place in the office.
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Amelia Krausyyk - Marzec
Regional Asset Coordinator
tel. +48 797 019 741